Publications is still a good way to communicate with people. Design a good publication requires a good sense of typography and layout. Also, we need to consider about user experience. Find a most comfortable way for our audience to read. 



Coffee Tourists

Coffee Tourist is a magazine for people like me, who travel to different cities and are passionate about coffee as well. They can find out about local art and culture through coffee shops. The magazine introduces the stories and culture behind the counters.




GANMA Magazine

GANMA magazine is a bi-monthly magazine that based on social network, L.A trendy life, food, fashion and Chinese community. We bring our audience information by multiple platform. Visit us at ganma.wtf

GANMA 是一本介紹社群媒體,洛杉磯人的生活以及華人族群的雙語(中文及英文)雜誌。我們介紹當紅的Instagrammer,最火的餐廳以及時尚。或是網路上最紅的集資科技產品。



Interview with Bottega Louie dessert chef. Bottega Louie甜點主廚採訪

Interview with Bottega Louie dessert chef. Bottega Louie甜點主廚採訪